Some things to remember when handling a Gun

Know Your Target: Think more before pull the trigger

The moment you pull your trigger and fire that gun, you have lost all control over the bullet and what it strikes. Owning a best gun safe is the best way to preserve them, they are sometimes useful, but also bring many dangers play with. This is one of the biggest reasons why gun issue becomes such a controversial problem in USA. There are so many adults who are not supposed to be authorized to have guns because they are so easy to be scared and end up shooting at any movements or noises without knowing what they are pointing at. Some don’t care about others safety.

No matter you own a short gun or a long gun, the bullet that might miss your intended target can continue to travel further in another direction.

Combat Operations

Correct Ammunition is the key

Correct ammunition for firearm is a truly serious responsibility that you must assume carrying. You can start with instruction manual, then move to the ammunition boxes. Read and heed them. They are warnings to protect you from hurting yourself.

In the contrary, incorrect and improper ammunition might destroy your gun, thus, lead to serious personal injury. Only a small cartridge of improper gauge or caliber and your gun is wrecked. Therefore, check each one when loading it. It only takes 1-2 seconds. How proper ammunition is how much they match the specifications which is mentioned in either the instruction manual or the markings  on the firearm of manufacturers

A standard firearms are well-designed ,manufactured and tested in factory loaded ammunition. Do not reload or hand-load ammunition from pressure produced by factory loads or component recommendations that are specified in reputable manuals because it can give you severe damage both gun and your physical body. Do not use unknown components for improper ammunition or reload.

What signs should be noticed for safe manner toward ammunition? The wet one.  After sometimes being submerged in water, ammunition is wet and provides nothing but unsatisfactory performance, poor ignition or damage to firearm. All you can do is discarding it in a careful way. Oil spraying or solvents is not allowed, neither does lubricated firearms.

Build a habit of examining each cartridge put into guns and not using damaged or substandard. The risk you take for serious possible injury is bigger than the money you save.


Pull the trigger! Not Fire? Be careful!

Even the best gun has it bad day when its cartridge does not fire even when you pull the trigger. In that case, handle with care. Firstly, point the muzzle in another safe direction, keep your face off the breech. Secondly, open carefully the action to unload the firearms. Finally, dispose of the cartridge.

As long as there is still one cartridge in your chamber, it means you are holding a loaded gun which is ready to fire. Read Rule#1 again! If you try to shoot and it does not go off now, then it would go off anytime later.

Moreover, don’t discharge firearms in poorly ventilated areas or clean them, or handle ammunition as they may lead to lead exposure. To avoid such relevant substances are known to cause reproductive harm, birth defects and serious physical injury, always have adequate ventilation and wash hand thoroughly after every expose.

Planning a hunting trip part 2

I last part, i was show you part 1 of planning a hunting trip. today i write the next part. enjoy it :)

If you’re renting a car, make sure to learn your destination’s road laws and regulations, insurance and license, some guides will arrange to pick you up from the airport but if the transportation is up to you, these are essential things to check for.

If you’re hunting in area where use of a helicopter, boat or a float plane is requires, make sure to ask for a price per hour, a price per kilometer or price per trip. These can add up to being very expensive very quickly.

Make sure you have a planned budget, and you don’t get caught in the excitement, shooting an animal that is out of your means. Sometimes bringing a friend who can keep you in check is good idea and will prevent you from shooting an animal that is way beyond your means.


It is also a good idea to discuss your options and budget with your PH, Guide or outfitter. Make sure they know you’re not flexible with your price range. Make sure you’re on the same page as far as what is affordable and acceptable to you.

It’s very important you discuss your trip with your financial institute, so you have access to funds in case of an emergency. It’s important you understand what are the transfer fees, restriction and regulations, to avoid not so pleasant surprises when you get your bank statement in the mail after you’ve come back from your trip.

Another very important detail is the shipping and handling fees and process when you’re back from your trip. Some guides don’t handle the shipping for you, therefore, it is important to know all the shipping methods, fees, and any additional requirement. It is also a good idea to take copies of all the documents in case it’s needed later.

Another cost to take into account is the Taxidermy. If you’re unsure between full body and shoulder mount, ask for the full body. Once it’s cut, you can’t put it back. Shop around for costs before your trip so the cost doesn’t shock you afterwards.

These are key elements you should consider to have a safe and fun hunting trip, They are easy to overlook but with some proper planning will make your trip into an experience you wont soon forget and create life long memories.

Planning a hunting trip part 1

A dream hunting trip takes some planning. Sometimes it is the little details that are easy to overlook, but make a good hunting trip into a dream hunt trip.

One of these details is to find a good PH, guide or an outfitter. A skilled guide who knows all the good spot, is familiar with all the laws and regulations can save you a lot of unnecessary headache. It’s good to get some recommendations when you start looking. Nothing beats a recommendation from someone you trust that knows what you’re looking for and can match you with a great guide.

One of the most important thing is to know the laws regarding transferring fire arms in and out of the country, if you don’t have your fire arm, a hunting trip is not much fun. Some countries will require for you to arrange for a police officer to meet you at the airport, clear customs and retrieve your fire arm.


Also know the laws and regulations about bringing ammo in and out. Some countries will require a count of the ammo when you come in and when you depart. Some countries may require you to provide the empty casing to account for every shot. It is tricky and very important to learn the laws and regulations of every country, a good guide will generally know all the information, but it never hurts to educate yourself and familiarize yourself with all the county’s laws regarding hunt and game.

Transferring fire arms and scopes can be tough on your equipment, don’t get caught in the excitement of the first day and forget to sight in. It’s no excuse to wound an animal just because you neglected to double-check your sights.

Getting in shape is good all year round but especially important when you’ll be walking and on your feet for the majority of the day, and sometimes the night. It also beats a trip to a third world health facility if you don’t speak the language and have to rely on somebody else’s translation.

Electricity is another one of these small details that might be overlooked but can make or break the success of your hunting trip, especially if you require Telephone or Internet services. Some people go on trips to escape the daily grind, but for others it is essential to have access to these amenities and stay connected to their family or catch up on work or their studies.

Don’t forget to also find out about International calling fees and roaming charges, you don’t want to come back home to massive bills.

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How to Hunt Bucks during Lockdown

MO-Urban-HuntDid you know that the best time to tag a bruiser could be the lockdown phase? Well, most hunters think the onset of the lockdown phase is the end of all the thrill and fun of hunting. However, it can be one of the most fascinating moments once you master how to hunt well during this period.

Any avid hunter understands what lockdown is all about. It is a term used to describe the time or the season when the rut is breeding. During this time the buck pairs up with a doe and breed a number of times within 24 to 36 hours. This is the time when he barely leaves her side. Most hunters think that this is the time when the mating pair tend to lie down and barely move. Contrarily, this is not the case. Even though the mating pair lie lazily, it is common to see them moving around the woods. The only difference is that the receptive doe tends to be a bit relaxed and does not run around like she does during the chase phase. She tends to browse as her suitor follows, waiting for another chance to mount on her.

During the lockdown, the deer tend to isolate themselves. As a hunter you should not hunt doe bedding areas at this time if you did during the chase phase. During this time move out to other areas away from the bedding areas. The best areas to hunt will be fingers of timber, small islands of cover, or ditches. These hideouts tend to be secluded but lie close to the bedding areas. They are also located away from the rest of the herd. Therefore they make a perfect isolation option for the deer.

During the breeding period, the bucks tend to stay with the same doe but still mate with more than one doe. They usually breed one and once done embark on the search for another one to breed. They go for a lookout on areas that are known to be  doe bedding areas so as to meet receptive females. The males move from one bedding area to the other, scent checking until they find a ready mate. They do this even during day time. Younger and inexperienced bucks can be seen in the open areas whereas the mature males stick to heavy cover when moving from place to place.

Proper understanding of the land you are hunting during the lockdown period can be a huge advantage when hunting a buck. If you clearly comprehend the common travel corridors and the areas of breeding, go for them when the conditions are favorable. However, you should be very cautious since the bucks tend to be more careful during lockdown. Their greatest weakness though lies in the doe they are shadowing.

Whenever you see a lone mature doe, chances are high that it is being followed by a buck. You should try to read her body language and figure out where the buck is. For instance, if she keeps looking over her shoulder, there is high chance that a suitor is right behind her. It will be up to you to avoid being detected. If she fails to detect you, she will bring out the suitor. You can get a lot of success with killing during the breeding period, more so, during the archery seasons. If she stands for a while and no deer shows up, evaluate whether you can get an optimal shot and take a shot. Avoid marginal shots, get her to drop near your stand and use her as a natural lure since a dead doe attracts many bucks. Nonetheless, you cannot try doing this during the dry season since the meat will get spoiled pretty fast.

It may never be exciting to hunt during the lockdown as it is during the chase phase. However, it can be one of the best times to bring down a big buck if you understand how to hunt well.

Cleaning of Gun Parts Made Easy-Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners Review

As a hunter or sports enthusiast you understand too well that it never comes cheap to own and maintain a gun, rifle, pistol, or any shooting equipment. You always have to be very careful in how you handle and care for these items. Manually cleaning such items after routine shooting expeditions proves to be quite daunting and never gives the kind of thorough cleaning required. However, the ultrasonic cleaner has changed all that. It is one of the best rifle and gun cleaners the market has to offer.


The ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for cleaning gun parts since it reaches out to some parts that are unreachable when cleaned manually. Irrespective of how careful and accurate you may be while cleaning, dismantling, or oiling various parts, you can never be able to match the level of cleaning an ultrasonic cleaner delivers. They can clean your sporting equipment thoroughly and perfectly. They can clean brass as well as other gun parts making the cleaning process a breeze.

One of the most outstanding features of an ultrasonic cleaner is its cavitation. It gives the cleaner the ability of reaching out to all the surfaces including the most intricate or tiny ones. With this cleaner you can be able to eliminate some substances that shorten the life of the equipment. It easily and efficiently removes sodium, sand, dust deposits, oil, grease, and other substances. It is now so much easier to carry out routine maintenance on your shooting equipment.

One of the reasons why ultrasound cleaners are preferred by most people is due to the fact that they make cleaning easy and do not damage the guns, rifles, or shooting equipment. These items are very expensive and no one is willing to incur the loss that may result from manual cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaner thoroughly cleans the item and leaves no single crack or scratch on the equipment or parts.

The technical design of an ultrasonic cleaning system for guns and brass is pretty simple and straightforward. It is made up of a generator, a tank, and a transducer. The main purpose of the ultrasonic generator is to power the machine for effective cleaning. It is made up of 3 controls that include the amplitude which regulates the ultrasonic power. The tank provides an excellent cleaning environment and helps in extending the life of the machine.

An ultrasonic cleaning machine can easily be operated. It comes with an auto timer that helps avoid over cleaning. This helps avoid any damages on the materials kept inside for cleaning. The user simply selects an appropriate sized machine, mixes the required cleaning solution with water then turns on the timer. The rests is taken over by the machine.

An affordable ultrasonic gun cleaner is easily available in the market today. It is available in various online stores as well as retail outlets. Some of the online distributors and sellers of these machines include eBay,  and Amazon. They come in various shapes and sizes and therefore you can choose one that best meets your needs and budget. Some of the most popular cleaning machines you can consider include Layman, Hornady, Sonic, RCbs, and many others.

Shopping for Caliber Types

Shopping for right caliber types is also one of the important elements which influences your aiming a gun (21) and firing a gun (22)

     1. Considering both benefits and limitations of every type of bullet:

According to researchers of bullet and tactic, handgun rounds is quite weak and less reliable than bullet-placement. However, handgun rounds also has its own advantages so you have to know which caliber you are looking for to take full advantage of your shopping for caliber types.



     Penetration is an extremely important factor due to it is quite difficult for the internal organs and the nervous system of human to be hurt, if the bullet did not penetrate deep enough. According to the FBI’s research in 1990s, a credible bullet has to be capacity of penetrating at least 14-16 inch (35.6–40.6 cm). This number allows bullet to enter human being’s body under an optimal angle but it is still strong enough in order to reach the vital organs and spine.
     Permanent cavity is “a void” which is created by majority of bullet’s energy transferred on the fleshy part of target even you will see all of its surrounding destroyed tissues. You are able to determine the level of internal damage as well as the central nervous system thanks to the magnitude of permanent.
     Recoil is a subjective feature of each type of specific weapon without being the bullet’s own characteristic. Basically, the lower recoil is, the faster and more accurate your shot is. However, each individual will have a different feeling about recoil of a bullet. What is more, every gun will transmit recoil for shooters by different ways.

     2. Understand the caliber of most common bullets:

Nowadays 9mm Parabellum is the caliber of the most common pistol with relatively low recoil so it allows users to fire quickly and accurately. 9mm parabellum is an attractive selection because of the following benefits. For example, its capacity of magazine is usually bigger than others especially the low cost, great availability, excellent high pressure and good defensive feature.

     Unlike the quite low velocity of 9mm, 45 ACP utilizes the wide and heavy bullet. Its permanent cavity is also larger than 9mm about 40%. In terms of recoil, it is more serious than 9mm but the magazine capacity is lower very much.
     Besides 9mm Para and .45 ACP, 40 S&W is also another common caliber. Its energy transmits faster for creating the bigger permanent cavity.